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“Sometimes the hardest part is coming to the realization that there is a  easier way to do things.”    HH Team 2011

Housing Hub was created by a group of guys and gals with an extensive history in corporate housing.   We are the ones who started out saying:  “…there has to be an easier way to do this!”  and ended up saying:  “….there should be an app for that!“.   The idea of Housing Hub grew from there and so far has developed into a handful of web-based applications to make corporate housing not only easier,  but  more efficient.

The applications are designed to be helpful, to reduce work, and to be versatile for both desk-top and mobile users alike.   These applications primarily support Information Management with a goal of streamline Operations Team organization and the sales/guest relationship. Our hope is that they are utilized to their fullest to help you, the corporate housing professional, provide exceptional service to your guests.

Keep an eye on us, as we have just begun. We have 20 more ideas in development that can be utilized as individual applications or en-suite with our other products.    We want you to say “I don’t know how I lived without this before!”

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