Housing Hub


Checkmate Inspections are designed to be used on-site in a furnished apartment during the process of inspecting an apartment in preparation for arrival.    Each completed inspection will generate an email to a specified address with the details of the inspection and also be stored on the Housing Hub Web site for viewing or editing at any time.

The inspections work best on mobile devices that also have a camera as photos can be incorporated into the inspection and will remain together.   Desktop and mobile devices without cameras can add photos to the inspection from photos stored on the device.

There are two types of inspections:

  1. Standard
  2. Nomad

Both operate in a similar way, from their respective home pages.

  1. you can start and complete an inspection at once by selecting “Start an Inspection”
  2. You can Schedule an Inspection
  3. You can view, edit and delete the inspections


How do I set up Checkmate?

  1. Register for Checkmate from the home screen: Checkmate Inspections (Top Menu) >> Register (right menu)
    1. Sign up as your company’s administrator
    2. Complete the “What email address would you like your inspections sent to?” with a valid email address.
      1. It can be your email address, a generic company email address or a company group email address.
  2. Log In
  3. Add additional users if other staff members will be using the system.
    1. This is not required at this time, you may select Next to skip this step, you will be able to add users at any time from the account and inspection home pages.
  4. Complete a test inspection and check your email to confirm receipt.